Saffron Mood Booster

Saffron has been widely used for its healing power. Today research has proven the spice that was known for centuries as the "Laughing Spice," is not far from the truth. Please refer to our "Studies on Saffron" tab. Our Mood Booster is 100% from the Saffron flower. It is recommended to be taken in the morning with any drink - coffee, hot water, tea, milk or smoothie. Dosage for adults to start with 1/8 of a tsp* and can increase up to 1/2 tsp* per day. Children to start with 1/16 tsp*and can increase up to 1/4 per tsp* day. Tsp* is included in the package.  


 - Depression

 - Anxiety


 - Weight loss 

 - Memory loss

 - Libedo


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Children may start with a very small amount. Please consult with a doctor before giving Saffron to your child.

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Dr Kidd and Dr Amen - Benefits of Saffron starts 21:13 min
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Day and Night
This package included the Mood Booster - 30 gm of grinded Saffron, and 2.5 gm Saffron threads. Mood Booster is to be taken in the morning to boost brain's energy. To sleep better - soak 3-4 Saffron red threads in hot water for 15 minutes and take it before going to bed.

Word of Caution: Consuming saffron in high doses can be potentially dangerous, as the high concentration of active ingredients can have a range of effects on the body. However, in small doses (such as in meals or in pill supplement form), saffron is not known to have any common side effects or allergenic properties. Some side effects that have been reported include dry mouthdizziness, nausea, anxiety, fatigue, and appetite changes, but these are rare. As always, consult a medical professional or trained herbalist before adding a powerful new element to your herbal regimen.

Discount offered for those who suffer from Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, ADD and Memory loss.